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We aim to achieve our mission and vision by:

  • Advocating for the SRHR of young people at the National, European and International levels.

  • Achieving youth participation in the field.

  • Organising and enabling active youth in the field of SRHR to collaborate more effectively and be heard.

  • Promoting and supporting awareness raising activities on SRHR of young people.

Our Achievements:

  • Young people in Europe and internationally have gained new and developed existing skills in advocacy and SRHR through YouAct training.

  • YouAct members have participated in events and high level meetings including sitting on discussion panels, representing YouAct on working groups and as participants, ensuring the European youth voice on SRHR is present.

  • YouAct’s independence process has been a source of learning for other youth led organisations wishing to follow a similar process.

  • YouAct’s partner organisations Internationally and in Europe have been supported by YouAct to encourage meaningful youth participation in their governance and developing, implementing and evaluating programmes, as a direct result of YouAct’s work with many of these organisations, they now have youth board members and have developed plans on youth participation.

  • As a source of information and knowledge YouAct has supported young people interested and enquiring about our work including students, young people working in other areas and marginalised young people.

  • YouAct has engaged young people from across the world in exploring SRHR within their local context and supported young people to explore this creatively through for example the ZoomIn! Project and a photo exhibition on HIV and SRHR linkages.

  • Opportunity has also been provided by YouAct for young people outside of the membership from across Europe to attend a number of trainings, conferences and high level meetings focusing on SRHR and HIV&AIDS.

Our Publications:

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