Who are we? 

YouAct is a youth-led network supporting young people in Europe to advocate for their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). YouAct aims for a world where young people have access to accurate information and youth-friendly services enabling them to decide freely and responsibly about all aspects of their sexuality and reproductive lives.

We are a network of volunteers under 30 years, from countries member states of the Council of Europe. YouAct is the only European youth-led independent NGO working to support young people in taking an active role in advocating for their SRHR. 


What did we notice? 

In 2016 in Europe, one third of the EU-28’s population (around 167 million inhabitants) were under 30. Facing the impact of the baby boom in the 60’s and a growing population, the demographic challenge and the inclusivity of the next generation of European citizens in programmes and political spaces are a priority. Indeed, a new era for gender equality, Gender-Based Violence (GBV) free societies, diversity and equity has arrived, and thus, despite the current political and social context putting SRHR at risk.

The situation regarding different determinants of the realisation of SRHR is still pessimistic around Europe and young people and adolescents, especially young girls, remain most affected by persisting inequalities and discrimination. Comprehensive sexuality education is not accessible for a significant part of Europe’s youth population; gender-based violence is widespread; homophobic and transphobic attitudes persist; access to sexual and reproductive health services and goods is scarce. Rates of adolescent pregnancies, unsafe abortions, STIs and HIV remain much higher in Central and Eastern Europe, thus exposing inequities in the realisation of young people’s human rights across the region.

We are leaving young people behind and we must support the only European youth-led organisation to be part of this change. Access to safe, inclusive and adapted information on SRHR is a major challenge for organisations, especially ours as we target young people. Most importantly, under-represented SRHR issues are not being discussed nor tackled enough, affecting directly marginalised and young people. 


What do we propose? 

As a youth-led organisation, YouAct recognised the need to focus more on young people’s skills and capacities on various SRHR topics. Access to safe, inclusive, and adapted information on SRHR has always been a major challenge as we target young people. For that reason, we developed a training programme on under-represented SRHR topics that is only available for young people (15 to 30 years old) based in Europe.

During this training, we will address identified underrepresented SRHR issues, such as consent and rape culture, disabilities and SRHR, decolonizing SRHR and harmful practices, such as, body rights and consent, harmful practices, approaching SRHR with intersectional lenses, transpersons and transrights. A training programme by and with young people to pass on the microphone to underrepresented voices.

Our vision of inclusivity and intersectionality guide our work and ensure that the topics and discussions created can exist in a safe environment and with the participation of young people. You will be listening to young experts presenting the topics to you, have access to a training brochure and a safe space to discuss the topics and increase your knowledge!


Where and when? 

The training programme consists in 4 online webinars animated by our experts! The sessions will start in June and here is the programme: 

  • Consent and rape culture: the 3rd of June from 6 to 8pm Brussels time. 
  • Disabilities and SRHR: the 10th of June from  6 to 8pm Brussels time. 
  • Decolonising SRHR: the 17th of June from 6 to 8pm Brussels time. 
  • Harmful practices and SRHR: the 24th of June from 6 to 8pm Brussels time. 


Accessibility is key, and for that reason all training will be organised online. To assess your knowledge and the impact of our training modules, a questionnaire will be sent to the participants at the end of the training sessions. As a participant you are required to attend all the training sessions to receive your YouAct certificate at the end of the training sessions.

Registrations are open until the 31st of May 2021. Please note that there is a maximum of 50 participants who can attend the training programme, so register now to secure your place!

The registration form is available here: https://forms.gle/FgxwF3M2QiWFQr1u8

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have more questions!