The training course “Human Rights Mechanisms and Youth-led Advocacy” took place in Geneva, on 02-07 April, 2017. The training course was organized by CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality and the sessions were led together with experts from Sexual Rights Initiative. The participants were representatives of CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, YouAct, Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, YP Foundation from India and NAYA from Kenya.

The training course aimed at strengthening the capacity of youth advocates to advocate with the different UN human rights mechanisms in Geneva, and to use these procedures to lobby for better laws and policies at the national level. The sessions during training were dedicated to the topics such as: functioning of the Human Rights Council; Treaty Monitoring Bodies; Universal Periodic Reviews; special procedures in advocating for young people’s SRHR at the international and national level; language on SRHR. Besides the sessions, participants of the training attended a Universal Periodic Review info pre-session for India, Philippines and Indonesia in order to see in the practice how the mechanism works. During training days, participants had the chance to meet the representatives from OHCHR, YWCA, Child Rights Connect, UK Mission in Geneva and the Youth Advisor at Danish Mission. The last day of the training was dedicated for young advocates to organize meetings with their preferable institutions.

YouAct member, Ana Mosiashvili from Georgia has attended the training, with the kind support of our partners, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality. “The training has helped me expand my knowledge on human rights mechanisms and improved my advocacy skills, and this will be reflected in my work for youth rights on national and international levels as well.”, says Ana.

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