Meet Our Members

YouAct is currently made up of young people between 18-29 years old from across the Council of Europe member states.

Current membership includes young people from Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The Network’s Coordinator is Beatriz Rotoli.


Beatriz Octaviano Inhauser Rótoli
Beatriz Octaviano Inhauser RótoliCoordinator
Country: Brazil/Italy
Pronouns: she/her

Beatriz has been involved for several years with the promotion of information on children and women’s rights at a community level in Brazil. Thanks to her work, during Brazil’s municipal elections, Beatriz was elected as substitute tutelary counsellor to ensure the realisation of the rights of children and adolescents, a governmental work based on the Brazilian Child and Adolescent Statute. Currently, Beatriz is completing her master thesis on asylum seekers’ reproductive rights.

Steering Committee

Victor Rocha
Victor RochaTreasurer
Country: Brazil/Portugal
Pronouns: he/him

Victor started his work in defence of sexual and reproductive rights in 2017, when he was an intern at an NGO in his hometown, that fights for the rights of people living with HIV. After that experience, he directed his professional trajectory to academia where he combines activism as his experience living with HIV and his studies in law and public health. He is currently completing a master’s degree at University of Lisbon, where he is writing his thesis on risk management in bareback sex in men who have sex with men.


Ana Sofia Perez Lomeli
Ana Sofia Perez LomeliCountry: Mexico/Hungary
Pronouns: she/her

Ana Sofia holds a BA on International Relations and an MSc in Public Policy and Management. Ana Sofia had her feminist awakening moment during her bachelor’s and followed that path ever since. Ana Sofia wrote both of her thesis on gender issues, one on how to rebuild post-conflict countries with a gender-perspective and the other one analysed how city design and urban planning affects women’s everyday life. She has participated in academic research on women’s empowerment and taken part in specialised courses and trainings on gender mainstreaming and human rights from the OAS and Amnesty International. Ana Sofia has a special interest in abortion laws and policies.

Hannah Edwards
Hannah EdwardsCountry: United Kingdom
Pronouns: she/her

Hannah currently works at Plan International and she is hugely passionate about gender equality and human rights. She has an MSc in Applied International Development (Law and Development Pathway) and is an intersectional feminist striving for social justice.

Katinka Goffin
Katinka GoffinCountry: Norway
Pronouns: she/her

Katinka is a long-time SRHR activist, advocating through volunteerism, academia and freelance work. For her Bachelor’s thesis in Psychology she wrote about the genderization of sexual victimhood, and is now researching perspectives on sexual consent in Norway for her Master’s. Katinka recently wrote a published report about sexual assault and prevention in Oslo, and has previously been on the board of IPPF Norway, as well as the head of their youth organization, SNU. She is also a Beijing+25 youth representative for UN Women. Her focuses are CSE, consent and sexual violence, LGBTQIA+ issues, and intersectional feminism.

Kristy Romain
Kristy RomainCountry: France
Pronouns: she/her

Kristy is a passionate black feminist and SRHR advocate who aims to specialise in reproductive justice in the long term. She holds degrees in gender studies, human rights, English and communication. She is particularly interested in researching how class, gender, race and sexual orientation impact people’s access to sexual and reproductive services. She has previously worked at an NGO advocating for women and girls’ reproductive rights in West Africa and volunteered at her local family planning clinic in France.

Lina Al-Hassany
Lina Al-HassanyCountry: the Netherlands
Pronouns: she/her

Besides being a medical student, Lina is a youth advocate for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Over the past years, she engaged in volunteering with several national non-profit organisations, where she developed her communications, training and advocacy skills. Lina’s main interests in advocating are the focus of a global health and intersectional (diverse) perspective. Lina feels that being part of YouAct is a unique opportunity to speak on empowerment and justice within the SRHR section, while using creative skills to engage others.

Maria Codina
Maria CodinaCountry: Spain
Pronouns: she/her

Maria Codina is a feminist and a gender and sexuality expert. From a young age, Maria has been involved in the creation of CSE workshops and programmes in Spain and the Netherlands. Maria completed her master’s degree in Gender and Sexuality in the Netherlands focusing her research on the conceptualisation of virginity (loss) and purity among young people in Spain. She volunteered at Sex Matters developing four workshops on CSE. She is currently part of the SRHR team at KIT Royal Tropical Institute, where she works as SRHR advisor and as a country coordinator for Share-Net International.

Myriam Mhamedi
Myriam MhamediCountry: France/Morocco/Belgium
Pronouns: she/her

Myriam is French Moroccan and has a background in Gender & Development and in Communications. She has previously worked in a European Institution on Gender Equality and she now works for End FGM EU. Myriam also uses her free time to volunteer in different organisations working on human rights. Throughout the years, doing case work as a volunteer and working with marginalised and vulnerable people has given her an understanding of mechanisms of marginalisation in Europe and their intersectional nature. She is particularly interested in the intersections between culture, race and gender inequalities.

Nicole Moran
Nicole MoranCountry: Ireland/the Netherlands
Pronouns: she/her

Nicole is an advisor on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Her areas of focus lie at the intersection of gender and health, with her background in gender studies allowing her to approach global health with a strong intersectional, feminist and sociological perspective. Nicole is a dedicated activist who works closely with a number of feminist movements both in Ireland and in the Netherlands that focus on access to safe abortion and bodily autonomy. She has a strong advocacy background to accompany the advisory work that she now does and strives to incorporate this experience into her role at YouAct.

Rhoda Aduah
Rhoda AduahCountry: Ghana/Sweden

Rhoda is an experienced and fully qualified nurse who is efficient, thorough and passionate about delivering the best of care to clients. Rhoda is currently studying for a Masters in Global Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights at Dalarna University in Sweden. Rhoda has been working for two years as a volunteer with Marie Stopes Ghana. Rhoda also works at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and is very passionate about Sexual Reproductive Health and Right especially adolescent sexual reproductive health.

Silvia Schroeder
Silvia SchroederCountry: Italy/Sweden
Pronouns: she/her

Silvia recently graduated from Uppsala University with a master’s degree in Human Rights. During her master studies, Silvia focused on youth’s rights, women’s rights and SRHR, three fields that she has great interest in. Her master thesis focused on how civil society organisations approach and work with the question of FGC in Sweden. Silvia currently works part time at the organisation ActionAid International Sweden with a project regarding FGC in Sweden and she also works at Stockholm’s Municipal District Office as an administrator, cultural secretary and officer for Stockholm’s summer camp organisation.

Lucrezia Vittori
Lucrezia VittoriExternal Communications Officer
Country: Italy/ UK
Pronouns: she/her

Lucrezia is a video maker, writer and activist from Italy. Holding a master’s degree in International Journalism at Cardiff University, she has been involved in SRHR advocacy ever since she produced and directed a short documentary on the total abortion ban in the Dominican Republic. After working as freelance journalist and video maker, Lucrezia worked as Communications and Event Officer at the Inspire SRHR Partnership. In 2020 she completed an internship at IPPF, developing IEC materials focused on self-care in SRH. A Gallery Assistant at the Vagina Museum, Lucrezia works at InsightShare a social enterprise focused on participatory media and indigenous rights advocacy.

Former Coordinators

Adriana Pereira
Adriana Pereira2020-2018 YouAct Coordinator
Country: Portugal/Belgium
Pronouns: she/her/they

In 2010 Adriana started volunteering as a peer-educator in a youth-driven NGO promoting sexual health on a social, emotional and physical level, eventually becoming a board member in 2014. During her master’s in Public Health, she did an internship and consultancy at the European Regional Office of WHO, developing the men’s health report and researching on men’s SRH. Adriana was YouAct’s Coordinator from 2018 to 2020 and serves as a member of the Expert Group of the Contraception Atlas. Adriana also serves as the youngest addition to the Board of the European Consortium for Emergency Contraception since May 2019.

Isma is a strong and passionate feminist activist and has been working for years on programs focusing on fight sexual and gender-based violence and SRHR. Isma is currently working as programmes officer at the End FGM European Network, where she also coordinates community development and youth programmes to end violence against women and girls. Previously, Isma worked in on the project “Building bridges between Europe and Africa to end FGM” and was also elected board member and acted as Secretary General of the French network against FGM Excision Parlons-en! Isma also collaborated with the World Health Organisation for a research on youth and adolescent sexual health in West Africa. After several years of professional experience in France, West Africa and with women from the Arab-Muslim diaspora and FGM-affected communities in Europe, Isma has built up important knowledge on sexual and reproductive rights, gender-based violence, harmful traditional practices around the bodies of girls and women, and particularly on female genital mutilation.

Ana Rizescu
Ana Rizescu2018-2016 YouAct Coordinator
Country: Romania
Pronouns: she/her

Ana was involved in the youth NGO field sector started when she was 15 years old and became a volunteer of Youth for Youth, working on issues related to youth health and rights, in particular sexual and reproductive health and rights. Since then, she has collaborated with partners from Europe, Central Asia, Arab States and Asia Pacific to organise various capacity building events, conferences and advocacy initiatives. She started getting to know YouAct in 2010 and since then she has been involved in several youth SRHR coalitions with YouAct. Few years later, in the autumn of 2014, she became the network coordinator.


Frida Gunnarsson
Frida GunnarssonCountry: Sweden
Pronouns: she/her
Anamaria Suciu
Anamaria SuciuCountry: Romania/Belgium
Eimear Annalivia Sparks
Eimear Annalivia SparksCountry: Ireland
Ivy Miltiadou
Ivy MiltiadouCountry: Cyprus
Anna Johanson Dahl
Anna Johanson DahlCountry: Sweden
Gosia Kot
Gosia KotCountry: Poland
Luciana Grosu
Luciana GrosuCountry: Romania
Cecilie Morville
Cecilie MorvilleCountry: Denmark
Rhodé Janssen
Rhodé JanssenCountry: The Netherlands
Liam Sutcliffe
Liam SutcliffeCountry: UK (Scotland)
Cristina Moreno
Cristina MorenoCountry: Spain
Charoula Matthaiou
Charoula MatthaiouCountry: Cyprus
Gabriel Brumariu
Gabriel BrumariuCountry: Romania
Laura Cooper Hall
Laura Cooper HallCountry: UK
Hannah Beth Kunzlik
Hannah Beth KunzlikCountry: UK (Scotland)
Emma Dooney
Emma DooneyCountry: Ireland
Hannah Pearson
Hannah PearsonCountry: UK
Anna Postovoitova
Anna PostovoitovaCountry: Ukraine
Fatma Hacioglu
Fatma HaciogluCountry: Turkey
Ruth Ennis
Ruth EnnisCountry: Germany/ Ireland
Johanna Selander
Johanna SelanderCountry: Sweden
Sanda-Daniela Alexeiciuc
Sanda-Daniela AlexeiciucCountry: Moldova/Russia
Anush Hayrapetyan
Anush HayrapetyanCountry: Armenia
 Agata Loewe
Agata LoeweCountry: Poland
Margarita Kapsou
Margarita KapsouCountry: Cyprus
Adam Ovist
Adam OvistCountry: Denmark
Joana Almeida
Joana AlmeidaCountry: Portugal
Yana Mladenova
Yana MladenovaCountry: Bulgaria
Rada Elenkova
Rada ElenkovaCountry: Bulgaria
Gvantsa Khizanishvili
Gvantsa KhizanishviliCountry: Georgia
Magdalena Pochec
Magdalena PochecCountry: Poland
Panayiotis Elia
Panayiotis EliaTreasurer
Country: Cyprus/the Netherlands
Pronouns: he/him
Anuki (Ana) Mosiashvili
Anuki (Ana) MosiashviliCountry: Georgia/Sweden
Pronouns: she/her
Bilge Eylem Dedeoglu
Bilge Eylem Dedeoglu Country: Turkey
Pronouns: she/her
Chantal Buerger
Chantal BuergerCountry: Germany
Pronouns: she/her
Martin Karadzhov
Martin KaradzhovCountry: UK/Bulgaria
Lily Biddell
Lily BiddellCountry: United Kingdom/Spain
Pronouns: she/her
Laura Honders
Laura HondersCountry: The Netherlands
Pronouns: she/her
Gersi Gashi
Gersi GashiCountry: Kosovo
Pronouns: he/him
Chenai Elizabeth Muchena
Chenai Elizabeth MuchenaCountry: Zimbabwe/ Denmark
Pronouns: she/her
Camila Ochoa Mendoza
Camila Ochoa MendozaCountry: Venezuela/Sweden
Pronouns: she/her
Sophie Beria
Sophie BeriaChair
Country: Georgia
Pronouns: she/her/they/them