YouAct Publications

Charter- Young People SRHR (2008)

Zoom-in Factsheets (2008)

World AIDS Campaign - Making The Links (2010)

Abortion Storytelling in Eastern Europe (2016)

European Youth Advocacy Handbook (2014)

Access to Safe and legal abortion - A European perspective (2016)

Annual Reports

Youact Annual Report 2015

Youact Annual Report 2014

Youact Annual Report 2013


YouAct Newsletter November 2014

YouAct Newsletter December 2015

YouAct Newsletter July 2015

YouAct Herald June 2011


Joint youth statement 2030 Agenda

Youth Advocates in Action - Joint European Statement

European Parliament hearing statement 2008


MDG Factsheet

Marie Stopes Brochure

HIV MDG Factsheet

IPPF Stand & Deliver

Durex - Face of Global Sex

CSE MDG Factsheet