As a youth-led organization, YouAct recognises the need to focus more on young people’s skills and capacities on various Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) topics. It is clear that we are leaving young people behind and as one of the only European youth-led organizations working on this topic, we must be part of this change. Access to safe, inclusive, and adapted information on SRHR has always been a major challenge as we target young people.

For this reason, in 2021 YouAct focused its programmes on underrepresented themes in SRHR for young people by creating a unique training programme made by and for young people. The training programme “Pass the Mic! Time to give underrepresented SRHR topics the limelight!” addressed identified underrepresented SRHR issues, such as:

consent and rape culture, 

disabilities and SRHR, 

decolonizing SRHR and harmful practices, 

approaching SRHR with an intersectional lens.

In June 2021, our training programme gathered young people from all across Europe with different perspectives, perceptions, and knowledge to lead the discussion on these key SRHR topics during four interactive webinars.

To dive deeper into these topics and to share our perspectives and knowledge with those who did not attend the training, YouAct produced a comprehensive modules kit, to pass on the microphone to those who would like to use our publication as a resource to advocate for underrepresented SRHR topics in Europe and beyond!

YouAct would like to extend its thanks to the authors of our training programme, the speakers, the facilitators, and the logistic team for the production of such an extensive educational programme!

By clicking here, you can view and download our “Pass the Mic! Time to give underrepresented SRHR topics the limelight!” resource.