3) YouAct members MAPYouAct is an entirely youth-led, independent NGO working to support young people in advocating for their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in Europe. Our organization connects youth activists, engaged as volunteers, from across Council of Europe member states, from Georgia to Ireland and from Cyprus to Sweden. YouAct offers an international, dynamic and unique environment, where we stimulate young people to build their capacity, leadership and participation in decision making processes.



In 2016, YouAct managed to implement all its activities and projects with most of the support and contribution coming from its volunteers, as the organisation employs only 1 part-time staff member (8 hours/week). This is why, to sustain the organisation and continue the work that YouAct is doing, we need your support!


As you know, the realization of SRHR continues to be threatened, with the recent Global Gag rule and decreased access to safe and legal abortion services across Europe being just two examples. Adolescents are some of the most affected by persisting inequalities and discrimination. Comprehensive sexuality education is not accessible for a significant part of Europe’s youth population; gender-based violence is widespread; homophobic and transphobic attitudes persist; access to sexual and reproductive health services and materials is limited. Rates of adolescent pregnancies, unsafe abortions, STIs and HIV remain high in Central and Eastern Europe, thus exposing the persistent inequalities in realization of young people’s human rights across the region.


In this challenging context, we need your support to continue our work and achieve our organizational aim, for a world where young people have access to accurate information and youth friendly services enabling them to decide freely and responsibly about all aspects of their sexuality and reproductive lives.


This is why we are launching a crowdfunding campaign – https://www.gofundme.com/SupportYouAct.


We would be grateful for your donation that would assist us to continue our work, empower young people and defend youth sexual and reproductive rights in Europe.

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