Camila's trip to AfricaCamila, our member from Spain, is currently taking a course on Theory of Development at the University College Utrecht and in June. She will be flying together with her class to Nairobi to start some field work. This will involve visiting different communities in Kenya and Tanzania, taking classes and doing their own research (where she will be focusing mostly on gender). After a month, they will be traveling to different parts of the continent to do internships. Camila will be working at HIWOT, an organization based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The organization does quite a lot, but she will be focusing on sexual and reproductive health, HIV and gender-related issues.

During the field course, Camila and her classmates will be visiting Sinya Village at the heart of Maasailand. They will be staying there for a few days, where they will learn about pastoralism, ecology, conservation, and tourism. Recently, the village built a local clinic (the other closest one is in one to two days walking distance), but are having a hard time completing it. At the moment, the clinic has no access to electricity. Without light and capacity to run basic equipment and refrigerate drugs, the clinic isn’t operational.

Students at University College Utrecht have taken up the initiative to raise money to buy and install solar panels for the clinic. Their goal is to raise €2000 by the time they arrive to Tanzania, in mid-June. They have created an online fundraiser, and every contribution will be greatly appreciated!

If you want to read more about their experiences, take a look at their blog:, where Camila already wrote her first article: .