Today, YouAct is pleased to present its 2013 Annual Report. The report reveals how our youth network continues to build on its strengths to make a lasting impact on the policy landscape in Europe.

YouAct Annual report 2013 web versionLast year YouAct delivered advocacy training to over 70 young people. These trainings focused on advocacy at the European Parliament, advocating for the Bali Global Youth Forum Declaration in the context of the ICPD review process, advocacy at the United Nations, understanding European policies and data on sexual and gender-based violence among youth, and more.

YouAct Steering Committee member Gosia Kot shared that, “By equipping young people with an improved awareness of how our words and actions can make a difference, along with the tools and skills to carry those actions forward, YouAct is supporting young people to influence policies in Europe related to youth and sexual and reproductive health and rights. We know first hand how these policies can lead to real changes on the ground in terms the effectiveness of programmes aimed at youth, access to services, and the ability of young people to exercise their rights.”

The report also highlights how YouAct paired trainings with structured support mechanisms to ensure youth participants were able to translate their skills into action and develop meaningful dialogues with policymakers on the local, national and regional levels. Highlights include a presentation to the Council of Europe and meetings with Members of the European Parliament from across the region.

“YouAct is all about making the links between our advocacy efforts at different levels,” said YouAct member Gvantsa Khizanishvilli. “Our work at the community and national levels informs the perspectives we bring to advocacy at the international and European Regional level.

“As YouAct continues its work to influence the outcomes of the Post-2015 Process and the ICPD Review Process, the importance of ensuring accountability to diverse constituencies of young people on the ground, and bringing diverse perspectives from the local level to the highest levels of policymaking, will continue to be the foundation of our work.”
Download the full report via the link below.
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