Hearing Invitation

Sustainable societies reply on empowered individuals who can access the highest attainable standard of health. People under 25 comprise 43% of the world population; these young people and adolescents are the most in need of sexual and reproductive health information and services, yet remain the least likely to have access to them.

The right of young people to comprehensive sexuality education is supported and established by multiple International conventions and agreements. However, comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) is sometimes viewed as politically sensitive, preventing the development and implementation of effective programmes that provide evidence-based information.

The upcoming hearing, Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Realising Access for All Young People in Europe, aims to generate dialogue between young people and Members of the European Parliament towards building partnerships between youth and governments towards addressing this critical issue on a European level.

The programme for the hearing will include:

Opening Address, Ms. Katarina Nevedalova, MEP, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats

Intervention on Human Rights Standards for CSE by Grace, YouAct, Ireland

Presentation on Dispelling Myths about CSE by Luciana, YouAct, Romania

Presentation on CSE as part of comprehensive FGM prevention programming by Nasmeen, Restless Development, UK

Presentation on The importance of CSE in informal settings – reaching vulnerable and out-of-school youth by Martin, YouAct, Bulgaria

Presentation on The Impact of rejection of the Children & Families Bill in the UK by Anne, Restless Development, UK

Intervention on Personal reflections on lack of CSE implementation in the Netherlands, and working on CSE programming in South Africa by Rhode, Netherlands

Dialogue and debate between youth, Members of the European Parliament, and civil society