cpdFor those that follow us on Twitter (@YouAct_Europe), you will know that YouAct recently took part in the 44th Commission on Population and Development in New York (April 11th-15th).

YouAct worked with the International Year of Youth (IYY) Strategy partners on various activities including a Youth Caucus, the development of youth oral statements and a youth video.

For those of you that missed the live updates on Twitter, here’s a recap of the IYY partner activities:

– Advocacy in Practise training workshop with the International Women’s Health Coalition, IYY partners and RESURJ.

-Youth Caucus hosted with Youth Coalition, Advocates for Youth, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality and GYCA,

– Development of the Youth Oral Statements on: Young Women’s Health, Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Meaningful Youth Participation (see below), by participants of the Youth Caucus,

– Oral Statements delivered by members of Youth Coalition, GYCA and Advocates for Youth,

– Video produced by IYY partners, YouAct and RESURJ asking young people participating in the 44th CPD- What would you say to policymakers, given the opportunity? (see below),

– a YouAct and European Parliamentary Forum hosted meeting between young people and European parliamentarians,

– 2 Watchdogs produced by Youth Coalition www.youthcoalition.org

– #CPD44 and #IYY updates on Twitter,

– Blogs from:
Advocates for Youth www.amplifyyourvoice.org
IPPF WHR http://www.ippfwhr.org/en/bitacora 

– Launch of the RESURJ ten point action agenda http://resurj.org/

To keep up to date with the activities of the IYY Strategy Partners, follow #IYY on Twitter!