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The Flower of Participation

November 8th, 2020|

The flower of participation is a tool developed by YouAct, together with CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, a dutch-based youth organization to illustrate the concept of meaningful youth participation through the metaphor of a blooming flower, describing the different forms of participation, how it is nurtured and maintained.

Meaningful youth participation plays a pivotal part in YouAct’s work. We believe in the power of young people to […]

I wasn’t born a feminist

October 22nd, 2020|

As a woman of color, my first interactions with feminist organizations and activists are not my best memories. I wasn’t born a feminist but I became one despite all the odds and the toxic feminism that I came across along the way.


I wasn’t born a feminist.

I wasn’t raised as a feminist.

I wasn’t educated as a feminist.

I wasn’t taught feminism.

I wasn’t given access to feminism.

Feminism was white elitism. And I wasn’t […]

YouAct Annual Report 2019

July 13th, 2020|

YouAct is very pleased to publish its 2019 Annual Report. 2019 has been a very successful year for us: our membership has expanded greatly and we have made a number of notable achievements. Find out more about our membership, advocacy highlights, projects, partnerships and publications.

To read and download the annual report, click here.